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Public Access

The Scawby Estate encourages responsible access to the countryside and nature, managing 250 hectares of land and 18km of paths for public and community use, including through the following permissive arrangements
Scawby Park
The public can walk in the open areas of Scawby Park using the public footpath that runs from the gates at Park Lane to the gates at Scawby Brook.  The footpath is shown on the definitive map on North Lincolnshire Council’s websiteActive livestock and wildlife management takes place in these fields.  Please stay on the footpath, keep dogs under close control at all times, pick up after your dog, and note that no cycles are permitted. 

The estate also issues permits to residents of Scawby to visit the park's private wooded area and lakes to raise funds for good causes. A limited number of permits are issued to residents of Scawby parish, and we ask for donations to either St Hybald’s Church and UNICEF.  We are no longer accepting applications for 2024 as all permits have been allocated.
Applications for the 2025 calendar year will open on 1st January 2025, and will be processed in the order they are received, up to the park's conservation limits. Only applications received on or after 1st January 2025 will be processed. 
Donations can be by cash or cheques (payable to either St Hybald’s Church, Scawby or UNICEF) at the Estate Office, while donations to St Hybald’s Church may be made through this GoFundMe page. Please wait to see if your application is successful before making your donation as we do not give permits to all who apply. 
The Scawby Estate and North Lincolnshire Council jointly manage public access to Twigmoor Woods. The public is encouraged to use the woods' car park and designated trails only - no access is allowed to neighbours' land or private estate land, and no parking should take place on roads and verges nearby.
Primrose Hill
North Lincolnshire Scouts manages the campsite at Primrose Hill, near the roundabout for J4 of the M180, and eligible groups may book a visit there. No other access is permitted to the site and no cycling or walking routes exist through the site. For bookings, please contact the district directly.
South Ferriby Humber Bank
The estate, its neighbours and South Ferriby Parish Council have put in place arrangements for permissive access to the Humber Bank between the A1077 near the village bowling green and the Viking Way to the east of Ferriby Hall. Please follow posted guidance and treat wildlife and residents respectfully.
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