Public Access

Scawby Park

Access to Scawby Park is provided to the general public along a public footpath that extends from the gates at Park Lane to the gates at Scawby Brook (or vice versa depending upon where you are coming from).  The footpath is shown on the definitive map on North Lincolnshire Council’s website.
Active livestock and wildlife management takes place in these fields.  Please stay on the footpath, keep dogs under close control at all times, pick up after your dog, and note that no cycles are permitted. 

Scawby Park also includes a private wooded area with two lakes.  We do permit some access to these areas in order to fundraise for St Hybald’s Church and UNICEF.  We release a limited number of permits each year to residents of Scawby parish for conservation reasons.  Please note we have issued all permits available for 2021 and are no longer issuing permits for the 2021 calendar year. Residents of Scawby Parish can apply for a permit to access this area during the 2022 calendar year by filling out this form   and submitting it over email to or by hand or post to the Estate Office, Vicarage Lane, Scawby DN20 9LX. 
We do ask for a £10 donation, if possible, for either St Hybald’s Church or UNICEF.  You may send cash or cheques payable to either St Hybald’s Church, Scawby or UNICEF to the Estate Office address above.  Donations to St Hybald’s Church may be made through this GoFundMe page. Please wait to see if your application is successful before making your donation as we do not give permits to all who apply. In order to comply with social distancing, we can either e-mail your permit for you to print or if you prefer, please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope and we can post your permit to you.


The Scawby Estate and North Lincolnshire Council jointly manage public access to Twigmoor Woods. Access to the woods' car park and designated trails only is currently permitted so long as social distancing is observed. However no access is allowed to neighbouring private estate land, and no parking is permitted on roads and verges nearby.

Primrose Hill

North Lincolnshire Scouts manages the campsite at Primrose Hill, near the roundabout for J4 of the M180, and eligible groups may book a visit there. No other access is permitted to the site and no cycling or walking routes exist through the site. For bookings, please contact the district directly.