The Scawby Estate supplies timber and firewood from its own sustainably-managed woodlands

We sell standing timber, fencing, sawlogs and hard- and soft-wood logs.

At Christmas we sell Norway spruce and Nordmann fir Christmas trees, as well as other seasonal products such as logs and wreaths.

We deliver logs for free inside Scawby and for £10 per bag outside Scawby but within an 8km radius.

Our log prices are as follows:

  • Green hardwood logs: £50 per 0.9m by 0.9m bag or £5.00 for a small net sack

  • Green softwood logs: £40 per 0.9m by 0.9m bag or £4.00 for a small net sack

  • Seasoned hardwood logs: £75 per 1m by 1m bag

  • Seasoned softwood logs: £65 per 1m by 1m bag bag

Please contact us on 01652 654 272 or at for more details.

The Scawby Estate gratefully acknowledges the support of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development through the Northern Lincolnshire Rural Local Action Group administered LEADER programme for its Timber Extraction Productivity Improvement Project.

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